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Job Interview Advice - How to prepare

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So you’ve applied for a job and are invited for an interview…have you ever wondered how to make a job interview work in your favour and help you land your dream job?

Evidence suggests that your interviewer will often form an opinion within the first ten minutes of the interview, so a good first impression is vital.

The first thing a hiring manager will usually notice is how you present yourself. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to wear appropriate attire to an interview. Choosing a suit or other outfit that conveys a professional image is vital. Wear something appropriate for the industry you’re aiming to get into, and unless you’re applying for a job in the fashion industry, slightly conservative is best – neutral colours and not too flashy. Most people have a fairly good general idea of how ‘professional’ should look.

Make sure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer, and offer a firm handshake. Again, this may seem obvious, but it can be surprising how many people come across too casual or are shy about doing this. If eye contact and a handshake don’t come naturally to you, practice prior to your interview.

An important aspect of a job interview is to be able to sell yourself, so it’s a great idea to practice a quick sales pitch about yourself. Try not to waffle…maybe practice a bullet point list and outline your strong points and any recent achievements that may impress your interviewer. If possible, have some specific examples that are relevant to the position. You want your sales pitch to come across as smooth and natural as possible, so run through your spiel a few times beforehand. What you don’t want is to come across as an insincere salesperson - relaxed and down-to-earth is key.

If you are faced with any tricky questions, your best bet is just to be honest.

If you are faced with any tricky questions, your best bet is just to be honest. For example, if you were fired by your previous employer, be honest but remain positive. You don’t want to appear like you hold a lot of resentment or a grudge. If asked why you’re looking for a job, a good response is that you’re looking for to take the next step in your career, or to apply your skills in a different way.

As well as showing leadership skills to impress your future employer, you also want to come across as a team player. It’s beneficial for you if you can come up with examples of both scenarios in your interview. You also want to portray yourself as a hard worker committed to the mission of the company you’re interviewing with, so making the hiring manager aware of specific achievements you’ve achieved in the past and the fact that you will have an impact will impress.

Industry Specific Job Boards for Teachers

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Industry Specific Job Boards  for Teachers

With thousands of jobs already on offer on teaching centric job boards across Australia, there's never been a better time to update your professional resume, modernise your CV and embark on a new career adventure in 2016!

Check out these tailored-made, industry specific sites for the education sector offering exciting positions nationwide. Find something in your area or look further afield for your next dream job.


Teachers on Net  
427+ jobs currently posted

Touted as Australia's No.1 leading education job site Teachers on Net hosts education positions Australia wide and has a eLeader newsletter you can sign up for which lists all Principal, Deputy, Department Head, Curriculum/Learning, Pastoral and Boarding positions.


TES Jobs Australia  
1,100+ jobs currently posted
TES Australia is a specialty job website dedicated to connecting teaching professionals with the latest jobs across Australia.


809+ jobs currently posted
Focusing on university positions throughout Australia, UniJobs is also a worldwide job board with university positions advertised internally as well as at home.


4. Teachers.NSW  
120+ jobs currently posted

Touted as Australia's No.1 leading education job site Teachers on Net hosts education positions Australia wide and has a eLeader newsletter you can sign up for which lists all Principal, Deputy, Department Head, Curriculum/Learning, Pastoral and Boarding positions.


5. Independent Schools Employment  
73+ jobs currently posted
A site dedicated to jobs within Victorian Independent schools. Primary and Secondary positions advertised. Find jobs and post your resume for recruiters.


6. Early Learning Association Australia  
35+ jobs currently posted
ELAA is the peak organisation representing the voice of parents and service providers working to deliver high quality early learning programs to all children. You can also sign up for weekly job alerts. 

Four 10 minute things you can do to turbo charge your job search

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1. Start seeing other people

SEEK might be the number 1 job search site for many, but there are other sites out there eager to help you get that next dream position, jam packed with fantastic job opportunities perfect for you.

Kick start your job search by updating your resume and cover letter and adding sites like Career One, Adzuna and Indeed.com to your hit list. Ten minutes is all it takes to jump into these fantastic sites and register. Let them know your dream role and the salary you're expecting and then sit back and wait for the tidal wave of hand-picked, perfect-for-you jobs to start rolling in to your Inbox. Easy!

Registering with these great sites means that all the hard work in trawling for a role is done for you. As soon as a job comes up that's suited to you you'll receive an email straight to your Inbox, ensuring you're always one of the first to apply and never risk missing out on an opportunity.

Checking out SEEK once a week will give you a handful of potential positions, getting out there and registering with three other top players will have you spoiled for choice!

2. Filter out the noise

Filter out the noise and get straight to your next job with websites dedicated to you and your industry. A quick 10 minute search can reveal websites focused solely on your area of expertise. As well as filtering out the clutter of unrelated roles that appear on other sites, these often overlooked job boards increase your chances of finding that dream role while the competition is looking the other way.

These sites often feature job ads that don't appear anywhere else and, as well as giving you a keen advantage over other jobseekers, it can hugely reducing your competition in getting to that next crucial interview stage.

While over 2.4 million people are flocking to Seek every month to view the jobs advertised there you could be one of a much more select group viewing the latest hot jobs on Teachers.com, Countingjobs.com.au (for those in the financial sector) or Healthcarejobs.com.au

Check out some of the 400+ teaching jobs currently on Teachers.com, some of the 370+ financial positions featured on efinancialcareers.com.au or one of the over 230 creative roles being offered via theloop.com.au.

Are you a star teacher looking to inspire?
See a full list of industry specific tailored job sites made just for you here.

3. Link in and luck out

LinkedIn is fast becoming your BFF in job hunting. Long underestimated as a tool for bridging the gap between you and your dream job, LinkedIn is the place you can shine among your future colleagues, impress potential employers and create a personal brand that will get you hired.

More than just an online run-down of your work history, this powerful site creates a platform for you to connect to 'movers and shakers' in your industry. It's a place you can share articles that showcase you as topically current and switched-on to your peers, and allows you to post your own articles that position you as a thought leader in your industry. Currently with over 33,000 jobs posted on the site, they also have regular promotions of new job roles and alert you when one is suited to you.

On top of all this 93% of hiring managers search LinkedIn for recruits. So taking ten minutes in a day to update your profile and interact with your industry through LinkedIn will set you ahead of the pack.

What's the best way to get the most out of LinkedIn during your job search, in 10 short minutes? It's simple! 

  • Jump in and post an article you've read that engaged or inspired you.
  • Search for companies or industry leaders that you would love to work for and click the 'Follow' button to instantly build your connections
  • Stay active by commenting on blog posts others have published (making sure your comments are professional, relevant and add value to the conversation)
  • Update your profile and working history to help you to shine. A great way to improve your profile is to check out other profiles by people in a similar role to see what the benchmark is. Viewing these will allow you to compare the amount and quality of profile info people are presenting and make sure yours is good enough to shine when seen by that all important recruiter or employer looking to fill a role. 

4. Contract is the new full time

I spent 12 years working in all facets of my industry in permanent roles before I explored contract work, and I've never looked back. Despite the benefits it's something that many of us never even consider. 

Consider this... 
Working through a recruitment or contract agency lets you have flexible hours, lets you choose the projects you take on and how long you do them for. They often pays more than a locked-in permanent role and means you are never bored, never stale and always exploring. While this may not be suited to everyone, the benefits of operating as a contractor are immense and could open up a whole new supply of work for you – all on your terms. 

There are a host of agencies out there, many of them specialised just to your industry, hungry for candidates to put forward for positions that often never even get advertised. The time of the 'full time permanent role with a trial period at the start' is coming to an end. These days, many companies are using three week or three month contract roles as the the 'getting to know you' time before hiring. The relationship you build in your dynamic contract role could well be the start of something permanent three weeks down the track – a foot in the door you may never have had if not for your foray into the freelance world.

Take ten minutes to do a quick search in your town for agencies dealing in short term or contract positions in your area, you'll be surprised how quick and easy it is to connect with contract recruiters and open the door to a whole new pool of job opportunities and employers eager for your skills and expertise.