Pure Resume

PC & Mac Getting Started Guides are included with every template purchase

How editable is my template?

All of the text you can see is editable including the headings. You can move, add and remove text and flip or replace background images so they best suit your content. Only the image colours and design are not editable.

Are the templates mine for life after I buy them?

Yes they are :) After you purchase your resume and cover letter template(s), you will immediately receive an email with a link to download your purchased templates and they are yours for life. There are no hidden costs or subscriptions.

Career investment: If you get a job with an annual wage of $50,000, the cost of a template is less than 0.0005%...and it's yours for life!

Can I print my template?

Definitely! Your Pure Resume template has been created by designers to look great both printed and saved as a PDF.

Tip 1: For the interview, print your Resume on high quality paper to give a stand out presentation. A recent customer told us how they also attached their Resume on a beautiful wooden clipboard, which the interview commented on and loved!
Tip 2: If your PDF has a border around it and you want to remove it, in MicroSoft Word click file > Page Setup, then select 'A4 borderless' or 'US Letter borderless'. If they don't exist, click the drop down menu for 'Paper Size' and click Manage Custom Sizes and create a new page size by clicking + and then set all the borders to 0mm (like the image example)

Can I send my template to employers online?

For online application simply save as a PDF and send through as an attachment on an email or upload to the recruitment site.

How does my template work?

Your Pure Resume template has been created with text boxes that contain pre-designed styles so that your resume or cover letter will have a polished, professionally designed finish. These text boxes are linked in the resume template to allow your content to flow through from one page to the next and sit on top of beautifully designed full page background images.

How do I insert my information into the template?

Simply double click on the text box and start typing! Typing directly into the template will ensure all the beautiful in-built styles will remain and your resume will retain its professionally typeset finish.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we do! We accept PayPal and Credit Cards for payment. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive and email with a link to download your template(s) and assets instantly.

I'm not sure how to write my Resume or Cover Letter – can you help?

We sure can, we also offer a Resume Writing service - Contact us and we'll be in touch with the next steps and a quote.

Your Pure Resume template also comes packed with helpful hints and tips to help you write an interview-winning resume or cover letter.

The resume templates include advice on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd with a targeted 'Personal Statement' and 'Skills and Strengths Summary' and how to expertly add your previous work history in a way that employers will love. With heaps of suggested wording and bullet points to guide you it's as easy as click and go to a dynamite resume.

The cover letter templates include a full sample cover letter to get you started – simply enter your own details in the designated areas and you're on your way to a professional, targeted cover letter that will make employers stand up and take notice.

How do I download my template?

You will receive your digital download link via email which is available for download for 24 hours after purchase. The download link contains your template(s), all images, fonts and a Getting Started Guide (PC and Mac).

How do I open the file I've downloaded?

After downloading and saving the zip file to your computer, right-click the compressed zip file and select 'Extract All…' Follow the on-screen instructions to extract all files to the desired location on your computer.

If you don't have a program, such as WinZip, installed on your computer, you will have to download it to open the files.  

Can I download my file multiple times?

Absolutely! You will receive an email directly after purchase with a download link that you can click to manually download your template, multiple times if needed. This link will stay active for 24 hours.

Are fonts included with my template?

You bet! All templates come complete with all the fonts needed for your template. If you are working from a PC your fonts will be automatically embedded so you can simply open your template and start typing. If you are working form a MAC you will need to load these fonts onto your system before you begin.  

I'm on a Mac – how do I install my fonts?

Make sure you have quit Microsoft Word before installing. Select all the files in the ‘Fonts’ folder provided with your Pure Resume template and copy them (Cmd-C). Browse to ‘Library > Fonts’ and paste them in (Cmd-V).

How do I reduce the size of my PDF?

Once you save your document as a PDF the file size should easily be under 2MB, which is the general limit for uploading on sites like SEEK.

If it is still too big you can reduce the file size even more. To do this, after you have saved your word document as a PDF, open the PDF and select 'Save as' then 'Reduced sized PDF'. This will dramatically reduce the size of the PDF. You can also click 'Optimized PDF' which gives you more control over the options, such as image compression.