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Sales Resume Template

The perfect resume for any Sales professional looking to apply for a role. Results-driven and focused on showcasing your career experience this easy to use template features clear sections for highlighting your sales achievements and promoting your skills.


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Professional resume template includes:

  • 2 pages of professionally laid out content. 
  • Works with Microsoft Word® 2010 and higher versions.
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  • Works on Windows and Mac.


+  They are not merely making sales but are building a business. 
+  They build their business one customer at a time and then always leverage the last customer into more customers.
+  They invest their time in things that positively affect their income and avoid spending time on things that have no return.

4 top tips for writing a great sales resume

1. Before you can sell you need to sell yourself

One of the most important qualities that an employer is looking for is your passion for selling. Use your resume as your own personal selling tool, put your strongest skills and experiences up front and highlight achievements and career high points.

2. There is power in numbers

Sales roles are often about meeting goals and achieving targets, whether that’s in terms of dollars and cents, contacts made, meetings booked or other metrics, so it’s essential that you quantify your achievements where you can including sales targets you surpassed or quotas that you exceeded.

3. Who you sold for, and to, matters

Hiring managers and recruiters place great importance in the places you've been before. Many sales managers use an application tracking system to search for specific, reputable companies so if you worked for, or sold to, a big name or Fortune 500 company make sure that name is before your job title. 

4. Forget responsibilities, promote your achievements

Make sure you make the most of the limited real estate by detailing how you excelled in the role rather than simply listing basic job requirements.